The joys of a non-alcoholic Christmas

The weather’s turning, the lights are going up, and there’s a sudden abundance of tinsel.

Haven’t you heard? Christmas is just around the corner!

It’s something to look forward to during the dark, murky nights of winter, and a time to indulge in everything - eat, drink and be merry, as they say. ‘Tis the season of celebration.

We’re big fans of the festive period, and despite the annual complaints that it’s getting earlier each year, deep down we do feel a bit excited when the baubles start coming out.

So, it’s time to get festive. Having a few drinks with family and friends, especially in a warm pub with a roaring fire, is a joy without comparison. But what if we told you there’s a slightly different way of doing things?

Have you ever considered an alcohol-free Christmas?

We’ve always got time for a bit of moderation. Whether it’s a full-on declaration of sobriety, a short break from booze, or even switching between hard and soft drinks on a night out, there’s an option for everyone (a delicious option - trust us). 

There are plenty of reasons to give it a go:

  • No hangovers! The kids will appreciate the quality time you can spend with them, and having a clear head for your Boxing Day morning constitutional is a joy.
  • No drunken arguments with Uncle Arthur about how millennials are ruining the economy, or how your life choices weren’t quite what the family had in mind.
  • No office embarrassments. That means no getting smashed at the office party and photocopying your backside, or inappropriate confessions to Sam from accounts.
  • No big weight gain - at least from the drink. (Which we reckon leaves a great excuse for a few more guilt-free mince pies.)
  • You get to be the reliable one, taking care of the sozzled and driving them home safely. That’s worth a few brownie points in any family.
  • You’ll probably save a good few pennies, which can be put towards paying for gifts. Those £6 city-centre pints can leave a hole in the bank balance that’s not easy to fix.

Going alcohol-free at Christmas doesn't just limit you to alcohol-free beer and non-alcoholic wine. There are plenty of options out there, and non-alcoholic spirits are - dare we say it - a bit trendy these days.

Our Teetotal G’n’T is a fine option, bringing a delicious alcohol-free twist to a classic cocktail.

And our Cuba Libre is a non-alcoholic cocktail that’ll take you to another world - without the airfare. Both are available now on the online shop.

That said, here are a few tips to enjoy an alcohol-free Christmas:

  • Plan your drinks in advance. If you’re buying drinks for the household, stock up on alternatives (tea, coffee, diet cola, alcohol free beers, kombucha, Teetotal drinks.)
  • Plan some quiet time - it can be a bit manic, especially with kids running around. Take the dog for a walk, or find a quiet room to spend some time with Peter Crouch’s autobiography.
  • If you’re bothered about what friends and family might say if you’re not drinking, you can just say you’re taking a day off. Or go with a line about antibiotics if you want an easy option. It’s a great opportunity to show them the joys of a non-alcoholic drink, too.

So, taking a few days off the booze at Christmas can make a big difference. It’s a refreshing way to shake things up, and really isn’t as different as you might think. It’s an opportunity to try something new. Why not give it a go?

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