About Us

In the beginning

In the winter of 2015, three thirsty Yorkshire entrepreneurs had a taste for something different.

We had long been fans of high-quality cocktails. And beer. And wine, really. Our varied careers (a restauranteur, a chemist, and an inventor) always led to very interesting conversations at the pub. We loved to socialise, have a laugh over a few drinks or just enjoy a drink at home, but we didn’t always want to drink alcohol.

It turns out we weren’t the only ones. The options for non drinkers were, however, pretty limited: either fizzy pops high in sugar, or tasteless juices and ‘flavoured’ waters lurking at the bottom of the pub fridge.

We realised there was a real need for non alcoholic drinks that catered for the 30% of people that go to pubs and don’t drink alcohol.

Drinkers deserved better. People deserved choice. So we decided to do something about it.

The Company

So we formed the Temperance Spirit Company, dedicated to giving drinkers better choices without alcohol. We’re not anti-booze, we just wanted to think about non-drinkers too.

We called on the spirit of Carrie Nation to watch over us, a terrifyingly 6’4” tall leading light of the American temperance movement, known for smashing up taverns with a hatchet. What would Carrie think, we wondered. While we admired her tenacity, it wasn’t quite the way we wanted to do things - we had something a bit less violent in mind. And besides, we like taverns.

It was time to get mixing.

Inspired by classic cocktails of the Jazz Age, our aim was to make something undoubtedly authentic. Something that looked like the real thing. Fizzed like the real thing. Tasted like the real thing.

After countless months in the lab, painstakingly tweaking flavour combinations and experimenting with different botanicals, flavours and spices, we hit gold.

We finalised the mix for our Teetotal Drinks.

The Drinks

The Teetotal GnT. An ode to the classic Gin and Tonic.

The Teetotal Cuba Libre. Inspired by rum, cola, and lime, the vintage American highball.

Neither with a drop of alcohol.

After launching, we undertook an extensive research program amongst thirsty revellers. Running various blind taste tests at food and drink festivals, we found that an astonishing 95% of drinkers couldn’t tell our drinks were alcohol-free. Not only that, they loved the taste, and there wasn’t anything like them available.

It was time to release them into the wild - which brings us to the here and now.

Our Mission

Despite the temperance in our name, we're not anti-alcohol. We’re not about prohibition, or morals, or outrage. We believe in giving the drinker a choice.

The choice to have a great time with their favourite people, without a hangover the next day.

The choice to have a drink without having to drink.

The choice of delicious taste, natural ingredients and a refreshing fizz - without loads of sugar.

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