Teetotal Drinks are designed to be delicious exactly as they are

As for our G 'n' T, the perfect serve involves lots of ice along with your favourite fruit, berries or herbs.

For the perfect serve of Cuba Libre, pour a perfectly chilled bottle over plenty of ice and add a wedge of slightly squeezed lime.

Serving Suggestions


If you fancy jazzing up your G 'n' T, try one of these over ice:


Rosemary G 'n' T
Add a sprig of rosemary with cucumber wheels


Cucumber G 'n' T
Simply add cucumber and lime wheels


Melon G 'n' T
Add melon pulp to a glass, pour over Teetotal G 'n' T and garnish with melon balls and ground ginger


Blood Orange G 'n' T
Squeeze blood orange juice, add a bottle of Teetotal G 'n' T and add a slice of blood orange


Grapefruit & Tarragon G 'n' T
Squeeze or add fresh grapefruit juice to Teetotal G 'n' T and add a sprig of fresh tarragon


Rhubarb G 'n' T
Add rhubarb cordial to Teetotal G 'n' T


Jam G 'n' T
Mix your jam of choice to Teetotal G 'n' T and add fresh berries to match


Chilli G 'n' T
Dress a glass rim with split chilli pod, then add to a glass and serve with fresh coriander over Teetotal G 'n' T


Strawberry & Black Pepper G 'n' T
Add sliced fresh strawberries and cracked black peppercorns to Teetotal G 'n' T over ice

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